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Smart Bank
Exhibition Hall
Mainly used in real estate display venues such as sales centers, shopping malls, and car 4S stores. It can be used to display various information about the property, promote its image, and display promotional advertising lights.
Big Data Visualization
Conference Center System
Elevator advertising
Monitoring Center

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The re-purchase rate is as high as 90%, and the Blue Area is trusted for a long time

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Set R & D, production, sales and installation as one of the large commercial display manufacturers

Nearly 5000 square meters of standard production workshop, 2 storage, Shenzhen Dongguan can be shipped.

30 series, commercial display products more than 200+ models, to meet the one-stop procurement needs.

Custom Strength

Provide the overall solution to meet the needs of individual customization

Bring together experienced ID designer, structural engineer, construction and installation service team.

Has a sheet metal processing plant, software development and design department to provide structural design, mold manufacturing, sheet metal shell processing, surface treatment and other solutions.

A wide range of security and commercial display items provide customized services.

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Professional company, can match the excellent you

Using original panel production,4K HD, high saturation, fine picture quality.

All products are CE certified.

Won the top ten recommended brands by users.

Intimate After-sales

There are service outlets all over the country, 24 hours quick response

Deppon, SF Express, cargo Lala and other logistics companies have long-term cooperation, each order has a guaranteed price, broken screen guarantee.

With stock, the same day order, can be shipped within 24 hours, in case of broken screen within 24 hours to replace.

National door-to-door delivery, door-to-door installation, equipped with professional technical personnel.

Any problem with the screen within one year, free replacement, national warranty, lifetime warranty.

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Guangdong blue area technology Co., LTD

Blue Area was established in 2022, committed to the terminal display research and development, production, sales, and provide professional large-screen display system solutions of modern high-tech enterprises. Since its establishment, the company has slowly gathered technology research and development elites, constantly improve and innovate in large-screen display technology, cater to market rules and meet user needs; Main: Splicing screen, narrow edge splicing screen, no color difference splicing screen, LCD monitor, LCD splicing screen, splicing screen monitor, seamless splicing screen, commercial advertising machine, full color LED display, conference machine, teaching machine and other products.

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